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    Christopher Hart


    Miami, Florida

    Photographer: CreativeFamePhoto

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    My two handsome boys ❤ ❤ ❤ #Twins #boys #igbabies #Birthday #suits #babies 😍

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    Tamar Braxton

    Amen to this!

    Looooooool swear she got raped!! #AttackOfTheMakeUps

    Loooooool lads!!! #Kirk #Benzino #LHHATL #LoveAndHipHopATL

    Do you guys actually see this???!! Been stuck on this level 65 for more than 2 weeks!! This is the closest I have ever been to completing this this stage I will pay someone to help me :( #CandyCrush #CandyCrushLevel65 #Frustration #Failure

    This was a really good read ♥ #KirstyMoseley #AlwaysYou

    Its soo pretty out here at Bray

    Wanna wish my sister the biggest Happy Birthday! Love this midge almost as much as I love Ellen (lol). Cant believe your 20 already damn you still look about 12! Seems like just yday where you were saving my life when I got knocked down in firhouse when we were 8 lol. Thanks for being a great mate when I need ya to be one. Have a blessed day mami ♥

    Blehh #ThursdayBlues
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